Al Baba Sweets

Now my day job is as far removed from Photography as is humanly possible. I work in Health and my clients show their appreciation by giving me gifts, often gifts of food. Sometimes I think they're trying to fatten me up for some reason because they usually give me chocolates. What they don't know is that I don't eat the chocolates they give me and I bring them out for the staff to eat when the need for chocolate strikes.

Some times I receive fruit like mangoes and strawberries (which I always appreciate) and today Greek sweets. The best gift I've recently received is some baklava from Al Baba Sweets.

I have a sweet tooth and like to have a little something sweet with a cup of tea after dinner. This box of baklava literally just arrived off the plane from Lebanon so was as fresh as can be. How gorgeous are they?

I have just one piece left, which I'm saving for tonight. If I wasn't going away so soon I might just have to order some on line cos once you taste these, the local version just doesn't cut it.

I'll be back on Friday asking for some in the know tips for Glasgow and London, so until then,


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