My New Toy

I know I don't post much personal stuff here and that's quite deliberate but I wanted to share with you my latest shiny new toy.

I bought a new car 3 weeks ago to replace the 12 year old car that wasn't going to pass it's roadworthiness certificate. I wanted to take the car to some windswept buff overlooking the ocean to take it's photo but it's rained every weekend since I bought it. I thought urban grunge in Rozelle would have to do instead.

Thanks to my friend Bianca for taking this photo. I have very few photos of myself. It's not that I dislike having my photo taken, it's just that I'm always behind the lens.

It's just a few days now until I fly out and I haven't a clue what to pack for Scandinavia. It's officially winter here in Sydney yet our weather is still a bit warmer than Oslo! I've been busy arranging my mail, a house sitter and storage for the car whilst I'm on my holiday. So many things that still need to be done.

Thanks to the ladies at Remodelista (one of my favourite design blogs) for featuring some of my photos of Donna Hay's General Store.

Bye for now,


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