Greetings from London every-one, where it's warm and sunny. I've finally found summer! I arrived yesterday and I'll be here until Sunday when I'm off to Paris for a week. I can't wait.

The laptop has been taken to the repair shop but I still won't be able to bring you any new photos until I return to Sydney so here are a few from my last visit to London. Once it's repaired, I'll be surviving on battery power so I'll just be able to quickly check emails until my power cord returns.

I can't tell you how many times |I've been here before, so London is very familiar to me. I'm staying in Russell Square and after I took the laptop to the repair shop I walked round the corner and recognised the street immediately because I'd stayed around here once before. I remembered there'd been a post office, a supermarket and a movie theatre at the end of the street and there they all were in a modern new development called the Brunswick. London feels like a big suburb of Sydney sometimes cos there are so many Australian accents around and about.

Today's my first full day in London so I think I'll hit the galleries first - the V&A followed by the Courtauld Collection- then the shops.

I hope you're all well,

bye for now,



  1. Welcome to London :) Hope you enjoy your time here.

  2. I'm sure I shall. I'm off to Borough Markets today then Shoreditch tomorrow and of course I'll have to watch a bit of the Andy Murray match today.


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