London - Borough Markets

When I was in London I visited Borough Markets and spied a couple of photographers similarly laden with camera equipment. I think the stall holders were a bit sick of us because many stalls displayed signs announcing that unless you bought their products, photographers weren't welcome. When you're travelling it's a bit hard to load up with produce hence no stall photos.

I thought their attitude was fairly short sighted in this day and age of blogging, twitter and facebook. Don't they realise how much free publicity is generated through blogland and social networking sites?

I arrived at the markets around lunch time and the place was really busy. I was quite disappointed by the food I'd eaten during my stay in London. The best food I ate by far was bought at the Markets. I bought a great steak, mushroom, onion and rocket bap for lunch from one stall and a delicious lemon curd tart for dessert from another.

I still found things to photograph and used some of my favourite black and white film to do so. Doesn't this lady have the most marvellous face?

I hope you all have a great weekend. See you all again on Monday,


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