Shoreditch, the Albion Caff, Labour and Wait and the Columbia Road Flower Markets

Whenever I go to London, I try to visit neighbourhoods I've not yet experienced. A few years ago I went to Shoreditch for the first time and decided it was time to return as I wanted to visit Labour and Wait plus have some lunch at the Albion Caff. 

I'd love to have shown you some photos of Labour and Wait but it's the tiniest little store. I had to wait for people to leave the store before there was room for me to enter. The shop has the most perfect collection of homewares and they are moving to larger premises in Redchurch Street very soon.

In the 5 years since my visit there's been a huge amount of gentrification in the area. When I was there in early July, a new overground station had just opened making it even easier to get there. Maybe that's why the Albion Caff was so busy and no, I didn't manage to get a table.

The building houses both a cafe and a shop which had lots of lovely looking baked goods, like the mini pavlovas you can see in the photo.

The next day I made a very quick trip to the Columbia Road Flower Markets. I was there in time for the markets to open as I had a train to catch to Paris. As you've probably gathered by now, I have a bit of a thing for flowers and how I would have loved to have gathered up armfuls of all the beautiful blossoms and carried them away with me.

There were all kind of cute looking shops lining the road but most weren't open when I was there. I managed to find one shop open where I bought the little enamelware pie dish you saw here. I'll guess I'll have to return.

Loads of colour

It's been a very long week so I'm so glad the weekend has finally arrived. I'll be back again on Monday with some more food photos, so until then have a great weekend,



  1. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Love it all. back to UK and France.....spending time next year traveling ..cannot wait love Labour & wait

  2. I've been at my travel agents today planning another visit to London last June 2011. I can't wait to visit Labour and Wait's new larger store. Maybe I'll be in town for another Royal wedding?

    I'm glad you like the photos,



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