Gloucester Farmers Market

I drove my new car up to Dungog about 10 days ago, the first time the car had left the city. It's ages since my last visit and the spring flowers were just about ready to bloom. No sooner had I arrived in Dungog than we were back in the car for the hours drive to Gloucester.

We arrived about an hour before the farmers market was due to close for the day. Farmer Andrew went looking for seedlings whilst I stalked the cute dogs. I so wish Farmer Andrew would get a puppy like this labrador. She was so cute and friendly and I'm sure she was perfectly behaved as well.

There was local honey for sale at the market as well as farm fresh apples, wagyu beef and lavender.

Oh and I forgot about the rabbits. When I was growing up in Brisbane you couldn't keep rabbits as pets due to the rabbit plague, so I still find rabbits as pets a bit of an odd concept.

And to make Farmer Andrew happy there were seedlings galore.

We left the markets carrying quite a few parcels and visions of something similar coming to Dungog one day.

I'll be back on Friday with some more images from my weekend away.

So until then,


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