Le Petit Atelier de Paris

Have you heard of this store before? I first heard about Le Petit Atelier de Paris about 2 years ago after reading Abigail's blog. I loved what I saw and as I was just about to go to Paris I copied down the address.

I was staying in the Marais, so I walked to the store only to find it closed for the summer break. I was really disappointed but promised to return the next time I visited Paris. Well I managed to get to the store on my most recent visit but it was a close call. The shop closes at 8.00 p.m. and I arrived with my friend at 7.15 p.m. on my last night in Paris. In about 10 minutes flat I'd narrowed down my selection to 3 pretty tart forms, a hand stamped beaker and some porcelain numbers, but in truth I liked everything in the store.

And the best thing about the store, apart from the cute bandana wearing puppy, was the way they wrapped each item so beautifully with brown paper, ribbon, porcelain buttons, string and stamps embellished with stars.

Now that I'm back home I do have 1 question though. Does any-one know if I can actually use the tart shells safely in the oven? Unfortunately my French isn't good enough to email the owners of the store and ask the question and I think they're still on their summer break. I'd so hate to use them and break them so if any-one can help out, I'd be grateful.

See you all again on Friday,


2016 edit - le Petit Atelier de Paris is no longer open but you can still shop online.


  1. oooh in love with that brown paper packaging! Beautiful!

  2. I wou7ld have loved to know this adress before going to Paris ;) it looks very nice.. I think you should just email them, seing they have english text on their site they must be able to answer your question ;)

    Thanks for your nice email.. I was at the flee market on Sunday afternoon ... straight from the train haha.. I guess it is good to check out foerehand what is the best market for your interest ;)


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