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Do you remember a few months back, I asked for some help designing a new logo for my shopshoots? A few of my lovely blog readers offered to help me out. After a few emails from Alischa from Bespoke Press, I kind of realised all I wanted was a variation of my current logo. I was just about to fly overseas and decided to work on the concept when I returned. 

While I was away I received an email from Jessica Ruisan, a graphic design student. Jess offered to give designing the logo a go and so the process began. We exchanged many emails and Jess worked tirelessly on designs and variations of those designs.

This is what we came up with in the end - a horizontal and vertical variation of the logo to use on my shopshoot blogposts and on my portfolio.


We were about to start work on a 'proper' business card, when this flashcard appeared on my desk.

I'd seen this this post on eat, drink, chic a while back and thought, why don't we do a flashcard style business card. I emailed my idea to Jess, then worked on the text and this is the design she came up with.

I thought it was brilliant and couldn't wait to get the cards printed. I thought that moo minicards would be perfect for the task. I sent my order to them a few weeks ago and they arrived in the mail last week.

I prepared a few different designs and I think the flashcard design turned out really well. What do you think of them? Sorry the images are a bit grey but I shot the cards on a wet and dreary day last weekend and due to a minor computer crisis, my time has been spent retrieving files rather than editing images.

I'm really excited to be able to hand out my new business cards at my next shopshoot.

I'd like to thank Alischa for making me think properly about what I wanted and Jess, because without her work the logo and these shopshoot business cards would still be in the pipeline. Thanks once again Jess,

See you all again on Friday,


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  1. Thanks Jillian. Loved working on the logo with you!
    Great shots of the cards, beautiful styling and photography!


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