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I've been collecting recipes for as long as I can remember. I have shoeboxes in Brisbane filled with yellowing newspaper and magazine clippings and hand written recipes from friends and colleagues. I have lots cookbooks on my shelves but I haven't bought one for myself in ages. I tend to use the same books time and time again because the recipes are reliable. You should see some of the pages of my Marcella Hazan's 'The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking' - they're all brown and stained.

These days I refer to the internet for recipes or to my collection of food magazines. My friends buy me gift subscriptions to food magazines for my birthday or Christmas presents and I do the same. My good friend Nat started the trend more than 10 years ago when she gave me a subscription to Gourmet Traveller Magazine. I've kept every issue and they're stored all over my flat, in baskets, on shelves and by my bedside. It's not your every-day kind of food, though I try to make one recipe from every issue. I've referred to the Travel section frequently when planning my overseas adventures.

Delicious Magazine is my go-to magazine. The recipes are usually simple and best of all they work. Bill Granger and Jamie Oliver are contributors to the magazine and their recipes usually work well without too many hard to source ingredients. I've bought subscriptions for this magazine for many of my friends and I've also purchased a subscription for work. We all love to look through the magazine and copy out the recipes.

Donna Hay Magazine

Donna Hay magazine is a new one for me. A copy of the magazine mysteriously appeared in my mailbox a few weeks ago. I hadn't ordered it, so I went through my list of friends trying to work out who could have bought it for me. Although I have a few Donna Hay cookbooks, I don't cook from them a great deal. Most of the recipes I use are for main meals so expect to see a few more baked goodies courtesy of the magazine.

What about you? Do you have any favourite food magazines or cookbook authors I should check out?



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