Roast Beef with Rosemary Salt

I'm watching Poh's Kitchen which tonight features Bill Granger. We love Bill because his recipes are simple and pretty much always work. This wasn't what I'd planned to post but I fell asleep last night whilst exporting the images and they're not ready yet. Instead I'm sharing my dinner with you - roast beef with rosemary salt.

It's very simple but delicious and quick to prepare. I bought a roast rib of beef and separated it into individual portions. I pan fried the beef first before sprinkling over some rosemary salt. I finished the beef by cooking it in a hot oven for 25 minutes, then rested it for 5 minutes before serving.

For sides, nothing goes past roast potato and pumpkin, Australian staples and a green vegetable, cos I love my greens. Now all I have to do is tackle the washing up.

Did you watch the final of Junior Master Chef? Weren't those children amazing? On a completely separate issue, for those of you who wanted copies of the lemon tart recipe, if you email me I can send you a copy.

Enjoy whatever you're having for dinner,

Bye for now,



  1. That looks SO delish! I was just watching an English program where they prepared the exact same joint of meat. Hmmm might be time for a trip to the butcher. Did you make the Rosemary salt yourself?

  2. Hi Mimi.

    if I get a chance I'll take some rosemary salt photos during the weekend and post them next week. I think some roasted rosemary potatoes will be just the thing with my Sunday roast chicken with preserved lemon,



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