Christmas shopping or the day I became my mother

Do you ever have those moments, when the words come out of your mouth and you know you sound just like your mother? Scary, isn't it? Well I discovered another trait I share with my mother - present hoarding. My mother always bought gifts in advance; she'd hide them away in the cupboard in the hallway which was a little like the Bermuda Triangle. Many gifts went into that cupboard, never to be seen again.

I've been stashing away little gifts since I went on holidays this year. I put them all carefully into a large brown paper carry bag and promptly forgot about them. Mid week I went hunting for a small gift to give to a workmate and uncovered my secret stash. There are items from La Galerie Vegetale, Merci and Herriot Grace I'd completely forgotten about, in addition to new items from Mr and Mrs White and PPD Design I've just bought. I've been buying Christmas gifts for my friends completely oblivious to the fact I'd already bought something for them!

So what to do with my extra gifts? Well I could keep them for myself but that would be greedy. Instead I think I'll buy a large clear plastic box and store them in there so next year I'll be able to dip into my lucky dip box whenever a birthday comes around.

And as all posts are better with photos, I've attached a rare example of the craft goddess within. This year's Christmas gifts are being wrapped in humble brown paper tied up with string. I decided to make my own gift tags which you see below whilst some gifts have newspaper pompoms attached for decoration. They look quite good if I say so myself and when I get the chance I'll post some photos of the final product.

This my last weekend at home before I drive home for Christmas and with a round of Christmas bbq's and lunches to attend this coming week I'll be chained to the kitchen for most of the weekend.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you all again on Monday,

Bye for now,



  1. Even a simple gift can sound great! It depends on how it moves your dear ones… Interesting in fact…

  2. Hi Harry,

    I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Xmas. I over stress about gift giving as you can see from my post!


  3. lovely post ,, both about feeling your mum and the little presents ;)

  4. My sister's birthday has just been and gone and I completely forgot to give her the bag from Merci. I went to wrap a present yesterday and I've mislaid the gift tags. Xmas has sent me a little mad this year.



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