Lamington Cake

After school my Mum used to drop by our local cake shop to pick up cakes for our afternoon tea. She'd always come home with lamingtons and jam tarts. What can I tell you about lamingtons? The story we were told is the lamington was developed by a chef working for Baron Lamington, the then Governor of Queensland. What did the chef devise? A sponge or butter cake enrobed in chocolate icing them rolled in coconut. Normally the cakes are served invidually rather than a single cake.

I did think about making some traditional lamingtons but the thought of being covered in chocolate icing and coconut up to my elbows wasn't too appealling so I made a lamington cake instead. 

I remember seeing a picture of this cake in Delicious magazine last year, so when I googled Lamington Cake and up popped this recipe I knew it would taste pretty good. Delicious magazine recipes are very reliable.

The base of the cake is a vanilla flavoured butter cake covered with a wicked dark chocolate ganache, then topped with coconut. Last Sunday was a really hot day so it was challenge getting the cake iced. As it was, I was covered in chocolate ganache by the time I'd finished.The kitchen cabinets were coated in chocolate, as were my top and skirt and I even found some ganache in my hair!

How was it received? The entire cake was gone just after lunchtime which was quick even by my test audience's standard, so I guess I'll be making it again for next Australia Day.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. I had a nice one myself. I went to a photographic exhibition, met a friend for dinner and tried out a new cookie recipe and then it was over!

Got to fly,


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