Apricot Cake

Normally apricots in Sydney are a bit hit and miss - a bit too much talk and not enough action. Not this summer though. Not only have they looked gorgeous, they've tasted gorgeous as well. I bought some from my local fruit shop last Friday and took them home with no plans other than to eat them.

Then I started thinking about my favourite plum cake recipe by Gretta Anna and wondered how the cake would taste if I made it with apricots?

Just like the plum cake, many of the apricots sank to the bottom of the cake ensuring the cake was nice and moist. The apricots themselves added a nice tang to the taste of the cake and the cake was deemed a success by my test audience.

I took a slice home with me and once I've finished this post I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and enjoy my slice. Thanks to the lovely girls from Miljo for the wooden board and butter spreader you see here which arrived in the Christmas post.

See you all again on Wednesday, which is Australia Day and keep emailing those suggestions for my new food feature

Bye for now,



  1. this looks delicious, i fell in love with apricots in quebec this summer but have only had them once since!

  2. My aunt used to have apricot and plum trees in her back garden in Melbourne. I can remember eating the apricots but I can't recall eating any plums.I don't think I've eaten apricots straight from the tree since then.


  3. I so love your photography!! Beautiful, and the cake looks delicious!!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  4. Thanks Kristina,

    so glad to hear you like my work,


  5. I've bought some very sweet and flavourful apricots yesterday and wondered then why I didn't take more...
    Anyway, your photos inspire me to bake, now !

  6. Funny isn't it how we don't bake much with apricots? I think it's because their season is so short it makes them feel too precious to bake,



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