Can you guess what I've done? I've moved over to the other side.

Well actually, not completely. I spent all weekend installing a windows operating system on the mac. Why? Because the mac comes with very little software meaning I'd have to spend lots of money investing in new software. That seemed a bit silly when I already had copies of windows software. I also use some windows only programmes that can't be replicated. 

It took close to 11/2 days to install all the software and it was a bit painful at times but I'm just about organised now and I toggle between the 2 systems. The new computer is lightening fast and my photos do like nice on the screen. I've already found some things the mac does better and some things that can only be done on windows. So far it hasn't driven me crazy but who knows how I'll feel in a couple of months???

I'm meeting a friend for Turkish pizza tonight so I better go and get ready. I'll be back tomorrow with a plea for your help, so stay tuned.


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