Brisbane Floods 2011

I grew up in Brisbane and I'm old enough the remember a little of the 1974 floods. We were staying at the Gold Coast for our summer holidays and missed most of the worst because the road to Brisbane was cut by floodwaters. We were given an extra week's school holiday though so we were happy. Family friends were affected though. We took part in a working bee one weekend, clearing mud from what had been a beautiful home on the river's edge at Jindalee and I remember Mum bundling up clothing parcels for another family.

I now live in Sydney and like everyone else I've been watching the latest floods on tv. It's hard being far away and powerless to help out though Mum's been keeping me up to date with the local news and I've been emailing and texting friends to make sure they're okay. I'd planned a completely different post today but the subject of that post was forced to leave her home due to flooding, so the timing didn't feel right.

As the news has been so grim, I'll leave you with a bright and sunny photo I took in Brisbane just last year.


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