In the Garden - Dungog

It's been a while since I did an 'In the Garden' post. I don't get to Dungog all that often, I guess every 3 months or so. Last time I visited it was spring, this time it was summer. The garden changes so much with the seasons. The lime trees were heavy with fruit and the iceberg roses were in full bloom.

I needed some help with plant identification, but I was assured this was a crab apple tree.

I already knew this was a zinnia though.

Sometimes when things in the garden are a little past their prime, they are still beautiful.

Another burst of colour from the garden.

I need a bit of advice from my helpful readers. My p.c. is about to die and needs to be replaced. For the first time ever I've been looking at a mac. If I buy one, I'll need to buy new software as none of mine is mac compatible and I'll need to get familiar with a new operating system.

Should I jump ship or stick with what I know?



  1. Use to have a mac.loved it...pc-switch for me was painful...but it.

    Think-what do i whant,not what do i need?

    Dont really know. where are you in life?
    Like what you know.or want a new challange?

  2. Depending on the PC apps you use, I would say jump ship. The iMac is a great desktop machine, or if you need a portable, the Macbook is a great little system :)

    Best wishes

  3. Love the pictures of the garden! Beautiful!
    I have also just switched from PC to imac and I love it. I mean, there are many things that I still need to get used to, but it will be alright...
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  4. Thanks for the reassurance Kristina,



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