citrus pinkies

Do you remember these from Valentine's Day? I found the citrus pinkie recipe in a free calendar that came with Australian House and Garden magazine. I thought they'd look kind of sweet as heart shaped cookies.

The cookie dough was hard to roll out so in the end I rolled it out between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper. I baked the cookies Saturday night, then iced them on the Sunday. I tried one of the uniced cookies and I was underwhelmed with the flavour.

I took them into work anyway because my test audience is diverse and what one doesn't like, another one will. They were very popular so I took an iced cookie home with me to have with my evening cup of tea. It's amazing the difference the icing made to the cookie. It added a whole new dimension of flavour.

The original link to the recipe has disappeared but another blogger baked the cookies and here's the link to her blog complete with recipe. 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends,



  1. Thanks for the link always enjoy your blog

  2. No problem. I'm glad you like the blog,



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