Pecan Shortbread Layer Cookies

What do you do with leftovers? I was looking for chillies in my freezer the other day and en route I discovered 3 batches of frozen ganache and something that looked like mashed banana but as it wasn't labelled, I'm not sure.

I also unearthed some salted caramel left over from these tartlets. I browsed the web looking for inspiration and found these cookies on the Canadian Living website. I used my own recipe which can be found here.

Now these cookies didn't ever make it into work. They were far too delicious, so I kept them all for myself.

I only used half the dough so whipped up another batch during the weekend. Once again, they won't be making their way into work as I brought in some of those Valentine's day cookies instead.

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day. See you back again on Wednesday,


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