white home

When I wandered along Edgecliff Road the other day, I dropped into White Home. White Home is a little jewel box of a store and I've put off photographing it in the past because it's so tiny. I bought some linen napkins and thought I'd throw caution to the wind and emailed the owner Isabelle asking if she'd like me to shoot her shop. 

There was so much to photograph and I did my best to show a range of what's in stock.

White home is a treasure trove of pretty things - beautiful mercury candle holders, cake platters, serving spoons, mirrors, bed linen and bracelets.

I put together a colour way that reflects what's in the shop at the moment - neutral colours, pewter tones and white tableware and loads of fringing.

It's all very tempting,

and of course I was tempted.

What did I come home with?

I came home with a beautiful bread board that you'll be seeing in my food photography during the next few weeks. That's the danger of doing these shopshoots!

I'll be back on Friday with a quick post before the weekend,

so until then,



  1. Looks like a beautiful store! Look forward to visiting it one day!

  2. What a beautiful store with so many treasures! And for sure your pictures are great as always, such an eye for details!

  3. That woman in the window? That would be me (if I lived in Australia!)Her eyes say it all...'JACKPOT"

  4. Many thanks Kristina.

    Stephanie, I agree yet she apologised to me for ruining the photo!


  5. Oh what a lovely store! Not too far from Canberra :-)

  6. Stay tuned - another shopshoot on Wednesday,



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