anzac day 2011 - part 2

I began my Anzac Day post with this image as I felt it best represented Anzac Day - a chest full of medals with a sprig of rosemary for remembrance.

It's been years since I last attended an Anzac Day march so I thought I'd combine a visit to Farmer Andrew with the Anzac Day commemoration. Just about the whole of Dungog came out to watch the parade.

Both the young and the old came to watch

and to march.

The march made it's way along Dowling Street then headed up the hill to the RSL for the service.

I took a few moments to look at the wreaths that had been laid at the memorial. I spoke to the lady who made this one from flowers she'd gathered from the garden earlier that morning.

Maybe next year I'll finally make it to the Anzac Day Dawn Service.

I just survived my first day back at work - now just 2 more to go until the weekend and this event.

Bye for now,



  1. The medals and rosemary certainly strike a does the last post every time I hear it.

    I too, am looking forward to 'the event' Brisbane for me!

    Ingrid x

  2. I'm sure you'll enjoy the launch at Kylie's place. She's such a sweetie, it can't help but be a lovely event.



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