passover chocolate mint brownies

I was living in Canada when I made brownies for the first time. I was invited to a bbq and made the brownies from a recipe I'd brought with me from Australia. I'd never even tasted one before but I must have made a squillion since then. I've been using and adapting the same recipe for years now and I think it's just about perfect. 

I decided to try adapting the recipe so I could use it during Passover. I wasn't quite sure the best way to substitute the flour though. Those of you that have done Passover baking know that superfine matzo meal is much more absorbent than regular flour and I was a bit worried the brownies would be a disaster. The first batch I made were chocolate raspberry brownies and I used superfine matzo meal.

If you look really carefully you can see how grainy the mixture looks.

I covered the bottom layer of brownie mixture with a punnet of raspberries and the mixture was so thick it was impossible to spread it over the raspberries. I did the best I could, put the brownies in the oven and kept my fingers crossed.

I took them into work and they were a roaring success. I took 2 home with me to try. Firstly, they were very squidgy which is what you want in a brownie but the combination of chocolate and raspberries made them taste quite sinful.

I needed to take something with me when I visited Farmer Andrew during the Anzac Day/Easter weekend so inspired by this post I decided to make a batch of mint brownies. Just reading the quantity of sugar in the recipe made me lapse into a diabetic coma, so I hunted down a more suitable recipe for chocolate mint brownies. I was taking a quick look at smitten kitchen and one of Deb's readers (comment 66) mentioned using half potato flour/half superfine matzo meal as a flour substitute, so that's what I did.

Now growing up I always loved the combination of chocolate and mint so I was eager to taste these.

The chocolate mints you get here in Australia are much smaller than specified in the recipe, so they melted during the cooking process.

How did they taste - incredible! There is just a subtle taste of mint and as you can't see the mint inside, every-one asks how you get them to taste that way. I may have unlocked the secret of perfect brownies - just make them with superfine matzo meal and potato flour. Who knew?

I hope you enjoyed the mega brownie post. See you all again on Wednesday.

P.S A belated Happy Mother's Day every-one. 



  1. I definitely enjoyed this post and I'm definitely in for a brownie right now :-) They're looking really good!

  2. Thanks Anne,

    best of all they're so easy to make,


  3. mmmmm I'm going to make these this weekend. i have to give in to the fact that it is getting cold.... have you got a good recipe for those matzo balls?

  4. Hi Jasmin,

    I actually use the recipe on the outside of the packet of Solomon's matzo meal. I soak the meal then leave it overnight then add the egg the next day. I think that's the key to fluffy matzo balls. I don't have the recipe on me but if you email me on I can email it to you tonight.



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