hot cross buns

Do you remember a few months ago, I bemoaned my inability to bake bread? Well I checked the yeast I was using and it had expired quite some time back. A fresh tin of yeast and my yeast cooking disasters were over. One of my favourite Easter treats are hot cross buns and with my yeast cooking mojo back in action, I decided to make a batch.

I used a recipe from my Margaret Fulton cookbook.

I think I made my first batch of hot cross buns when I was still in high school and this would have been the recipe I used. It's still a good recipe even after all these years. 

As soon as they were out of the oven I had to try one, topped with a little bit of butter. Well actually, I had to try two! I took the rest into work and stored a few in the freezer to eat once Passover is over.

Do you have any favourite Easter treats you like to make?

This week has been a bit of a trial so I'm glad it's at an end. I'm really looking forward to my 5 day break. Have a great Easter and try not to eat too many Easter eggs and hot cross buns. 

I'll see you all again next week,



  1. oh yum! my mom always makes us hot cross buns at easter as well. i'm fairly sad that i won't be able to go home for easter this year and eat a few.
    maybe this will inspire me to make my own!

  2. mmh, gosh, they look super delicious!
    have a great easter break, I am headed home to Germany tomorrow to spend some time with my family and friends.
    happy easter!

  3. As the daughter of a Jew and a Catholic, I grew up celebrating both Passover and Easter. This week has been a mixture of cooking/baking for both holidays, so I've especially enjoyed your posts. I'm planning to make hot cross buns for Sunday as well. Yours are lovely!

  4. I'm also a bit sad not to be visiting my family for easter. It's school holidays here so the airfares are horrendous.

    Thanks for the lovely comments and good luck making the hot cross buns. You won't be able to resist them once they come out of the oven.

    Happy Easter,



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