lime poppyseed layer cake

Are there households chores you simply don't like doing? I don't look forward to defrosting the freezer and I feel much the same about the vacuuming. Well on Sunday I did both - in the same day! I simply couldn't fit another thing into my freezer compartment so I didn't have much choice. Waking at 4.00 a.m. does have some advantages though, because I'd defrosted the freezer and baked a cake by 7.30!

Today's cake was made a few weeks ago but I only managed to photograph it last weekend so my piece sat in the freezer for a week. I made the cake for one of my workmate's birthday and she really likes lemon, lime or orange poppyseed cake.

I decided to convert my recipe for lemon poppyseed cake into a lime poppyseed layer cake with a lime cream cheese filling and a lime glaze.

The lemon poppyseed layer cake was good but I think the lime version was even better. 

I snaffled my piece early in the day, which was a good thing, because the cake was gone by lunch time.

I cut my piece into 2 slices which I enjoyed during the weekend with a cup of tea.

Apart from the domestic chores I met a friend for dinner at bill's in Surry Hills, one of our favourite haunts. I also managed to arrange the second last part of my trip to Europe this coming June. It's already April so June will be here before I know it.

Did you all have nice weekends?


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