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The weather is starting to become more autumnal here and as the temperature drops, so my style of cooking changes. Instead of quick to prepare meals, I look towards soups, roasts, pies and casseroles that can be prepared ahead of time and reheated.

I thought I'd try the chicken pie recipe from Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals television series. Of course being me, I had to adjust the recipe a little. I used finely chopped french eschallots instead of the spring onions. I also used chicken thigh fillets in the recipe, as I prefer them to breast fillets and substituted light sour cream for the creme fraiche.

Did the pie take 30 minutes to make? No. Sauteing the eschallots until softened added about 5 minutes to the cooking time. As I used chicken thigh fillets and they take longer to cook than breast fillets, I cooked the chicken mixture for about 10 minutes before placing it in the pie dish 'cos no-one likes to eat uncooked chicken. The pie took 30 minutes to cook in my slow oven, so it probably took closer to 1 hour from start to finish. So how was the pie? Well it's absolutely delicious. So much so, that I'll certainly be adding the recipe to my autumn/winter menu.

It's been another busy week here between work, the gym and Japanese for dinner last night with a friend. It's meant to rain here for most of the weekend but I'm happy to stay home. I have so much cooking to do and now that the dvd has finally arrived in Australia, I'm hoping to watch a few episodes of Mad Men 4.

Enjoy your weekend every-body.


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