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Many years ago my sister lived in a house in High Holborn Street Surry Hills, just around the corner from 382 Malborough Street. Surry Hills has always had a plethora of restaurants and it's my go to location whenever I head out for dinner. A few years ago, funky shops moved in and nothing could describe David met Nicole better than funky. The store is an intriguing mix of new and old but  everything in the store is highly covetable. 

I approached David met Nicole a few weeks ago, asking if they'd like to take part in the shopshoot experience. They were just about to run a sale so we decided it best to wait a few weeks. I packed up the camera and headed over to the shop a week or so ago.

The gorgeous Ruby was working the day I dropped by and she looked after me while I was there. 

So what did I find in the store that day? You all know how globes are 'in' at the moment in the world of interior design and here is a whole shelf of them for you.

My personal favourite was the installation of red fire buckets.

Distressed leather and weathered cafe chairs.

Picture frames, twine, shoe lasts, glass bottles and vintage lights are just some of the goodies in the shop.

I loved these old tin aeroplanes as well. They look like replicas of the planes I saw at the War Memorial in Canberra.

We all know how vintage kitchenware is all the rage in the world of food photography at the moment, don't we? Now you all know where to source your goodies.

My copy of Donna Hay magazine arrived on Friday and guess what was featured on the pages in the magazine? These very wire cage pendant lamps sans the furry creature.

I hope you enjoyed my little visit to David met Nicole.

See you all again on Friday with another pronto post.


2016 edit - David and Nicole is now closed for business.


  1. omg! I absolutely love these pics! yous blog is full of inspirations :)

    have a great time,

  2. Oh gorgeous, on my Sydney to do hit list! Thanks Jillian

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments,

    Have a great weekend,



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