edinburgh and a mini anthroplogie shopshoot

My visit to Edinburgh was a little unexpected as originally I was meant to be staying with friends in Glasgow. I'm lucky to have 2 close friends who live on the train line between the 2 cities, so I managed to see both of them.

The weather wasn't too great but it's Scotland in summer, so you take what you get. My friend Alison could remember the 2 sunny weekends they'd experienced since April.

Edinburgh looks so different from Glasgow and the Royal Mile was crowded with tourists. To escape the throng, we ducked down to one of my favourite graveyards belonging to St. Cuthbert's Church.

Along the way we passed the 'stinky cheese shop'.

But I was on a mission. I'd heard that Anthropologie had just opened a store in Edinburgh so we trekked along George Street until we found the building.

So what did we find? Firstly, a gorgeously restored building over 2 levels.

 Secondly, the usual eclectic Anthropologie mix of fashion, art and design.

After almost 4 hours of pain at the Apple store in Covent Garden on Tuesday, my laptop seems to be working again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. 

I'm off to Paris this weekend so check back next week. I've one more post from Edinburgh for you and it's truly the most amazing place I've visited on this trip. 

Bye for now, 


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