schloss sanssouci

A few months ago I saw a 3-part documentary on Berlin by Matt Frei. One of the locations featured was Schloss Sanssouci, built by Frederick the Great. I was fascinated and decided to visit Sanssouci when I was in Berlin.

The castle is located in Potsdam and is one of many in Sanssouci Park. I'd hoped to visit the New Palace as well when I was there but for some unknown reason, it was closed that day.

It was a long walk across the park to Sanssouci, but this is what I passed along the way, the Chinese Tea House.

It took 2 hours but eventually made it into Sanssouci. Let's just say the decorating style was not understated. It was all gold, marble, crystal and then a bit more gold.

 The final resting place of Frederick the Great.

The castle is surrounded by parklands and gardens of surprisingly bright hues.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip to Sanssouci. See you again on Friday with a pronto post.

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