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As you know I love food and subscribe to a few foodie magazines. It was through one of those magazines that I first learnt about Skye's restaurant, Petersham Nurseries Cafe. Petersham Nurseries Cafe is located within Petersham Nurseries, so when I knew I was going to be in the UK in 2011 I decided I would take a trip out to the nurseries at Richmond.

I'd not been to Richmond before so I faithfully followed the directions on the Petersham Nurseries website, alighting at the Dysart Pub stop.

To get to the Nurseries you walk along Church Lane past the pretty St. Peter's Church.

I don't quite know what I was expecting, but Petersham Nurseries is huge!

As well as loads of outdoor plants and potted colour, there are a large number of glass greenhouses. Now remember I'm from Brisbane where mangoes, paw paws, hibiscus, frangipanis and avocados grow so a glasshouse in a nursery is a novelty to me.

My first stop was the Tea House.

Isn't that a sweet idea? Table numbers in terracotta pots.

Some produce destined for Petersham Nurseries Cafe.

Seating for the restaurant and cafe is located in the greenhouses.

A bit of a mauve, green and white theme happening here.

I spent quite a bit of time in the fabulous shop, which has everything from soap, trugs, glassware and furniture to Astier de Villatte ceramics.

Not mention bird houses, terracotta pots and pretty gardening gloves.

As you can see I visited Petersham Nurseries on the most gorgeous of English summer days.

Thanks to the kind people at Petersham Nurseries for letting me roam around the property at will and thanks to the ladies at Remodelista for featuring my images.

2016 edit - Skye has moved to a new restaurant called Spring which can be found at Somerset House.


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