summer strawberry cake

My oven was repaired just before I went on holidays. I've baked fruit and made roast dinners and casseroles but this was my first attempt at baking a cake in the oven. I thought I'd try something simple just in case.

I bookmarked this recipe some time ago when I saw it featured on Aran's blog, Canelle et Vanille. Even though it's winter in Sydney there are plenty of strawberries at my fruit market. I picked up a few punnets yesterday to make this cake for work.

I haven't had a chance to taste the cake yet but I did alter the recipe a little as I always do. 

I reduced the sugar by one third and used grated lemon rind to flavour the cake batter instead of vanilla.

I haven't had much success with Martha Stewart's recipes in the past so if this one doesn't come up to scratch, I'll remake the strawberry cake using the same base I always use for my plum/nectarine/raspberry or apricot cake.

After a 6 week break I also went back to using my Nikon d-300. The Nikon d-7000 performed amazingly well but I prefer the focus on the d-300 for food photography. I also wanted one camera not coated with butter sugar and flour. It's always so hard to explain why there's flour on the sensor when I take the camera in for it's annual clean.

Got to go and clean the kitchen....

My weekend was hectic. How was yours?



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