a passionfruit tart

I've always loved the taste of passionfruit. Passionfruit are quite expensive at the moment but when they're on special at the fruit market I buy up big and freeze the pulp. I've been making passionfruit tarts for many years and I've always used the same recipe. A year or two ago the recipe suddenly stopped working for me. The pastry shell would split and half the filling would leak out creating a big mess or else the filling would turn out really frothy.

I'm kind of known for my paper thin pastry but after way too many disasters, I decided to adapt the recipe slightly and made my pastry a teensy bit thicker than usual. This Matt Moran recipe from Gourmet Traveller is very close to the one I used. In addition to the passionfruit juice, I used some blood orange juice to maintain the vibrant colour of the filling.

Eureka! The tart came out perfectly. I took the tart into work and when it was discovered by the throng, I could hear squeals coming from the office. They do like this tart.

I took my slice home and decided to pretty it up a bit with some passionfruit syrup and slices of just ripe mango. I probably like mango even more than I like passionfruit. Yum!

I've gone a bit pastry crazy the past few weeks. I've got one tart post in the wings and another one or two in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

I hope you all had lovely weekends. See you all again on Wednesday,


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