blueberry chocolate chunk cookies

I should be editing a whole stack of images, but I've snuck a way for a few moments to write this blog post. I've been away for the weekend and came home last night to the washing, the ironing and the grocery shopping. Oh for a domestic elf!

When I was in London I dropped by the Notting Hill branch of Ottolenghi one evening. I was so taken with the food there I vowed to buy one of their cookbooks when I returned home.

The cookbook arrived last week but this Ottolenghi recipe is not from the cookbook. I found it online here. I'd not used dried blueberries before, so I was interested to see what they tasted like. I found them way too sweet eaten straight from the pack but they tasted fine in the cookie.

I made a batch and used white chocolate chunks in one half of the dough and made the other half using dark chocolate chunks. I really don't know which flavour I prefer.

I baked a dozen cookies and since then I've been so busy, the remaining cookie dough has been in the freeze waiting to be baked. Maybe I'll have time this coming weekend.

I hope you all had great weekends. Got to fly,


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  1. Jillian, strange question but are you related to the brisbane family who own or owned Carmel Court apartments in West end. I'm writing a walking tour of the area and believe that the Leiboff family are the original and continuing owners. any ideas?
    Steve Capelin (for the West End Making History Group)


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