sweet and spicy souvenirs - blueberry crumble cake on a jeanine eek keizer plate

I bought a beautiful plate when I was in Berlin. It's a redipped Rosenthal Maria plate, part of the colour tableware line by Jeanine Eek Kezier. I carried it back home to Sydney carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. But what to make? Well naturally it had to contain something blue, so I made a blueberry crumble cake inspired by a Belinda Jeffrey recipe I found in Delicious magazine.

I used my 'go to' butter cake recipe flavoured with cinnamon and lemon, folded through the floured blueberries and topped the cake with the crumble mix a la the recipe. It smelt delicious.

My gas oven has been causing me problems since June. I had it 'fixed' but now it goes out at will and usually at the worst possible moments. It went out about halfway through the baking of this cake, which caused the cake to sink ever so slightly in the middle.

I took the cake into work and it disappeared in a flash, which is always a good sign. I've been so busy, my own slice sat in the freezer until last Friday. So what did I think? The cake was very moist and not particularly sweet. The crumble topping was delicious so I'd certainly use it again though maybe with some other fruit. 

Meanwhile, what happened to the weekend? It just disappeared in a flash and here I am back at work again. How does that happen??

See you all again on Wednesday,


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