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Melbourne is  a great place to shop so I decided to do a shopshoot whilst I was down there. Now you know I only want to show you the best and the brightest on the blog, so when I heard Rae Ganim had opened a store, I knew I wanted to pay a visit. In a former life Rae was a well known fashion designer and if I looked carefully through my old things in Brisbane, I know there is a skirt that bears her name. Rae's fabrics were a riot of colour so I expected nothing less from her store in Fitzroy, one of my favourite Melbourne locations.

Rae and Joost Bakker collaborated on the floral display gracing the front window. Don't you just love the Dibbern pottery?

Rae told me that she likes colour so the shop's sunny yellow floor wasn't a surprise.

I spied some lovely things from Fog Linen Work and Paola Navone.

Wouldn't you love these textiles in your home?

Some more beautifully crafted, functional items on display.

You knew some more colour was just lurking around the corner

and I'll leave you with just a little bit more.

Ganim's Store is at 61 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Melbourne. I'd like to thank Rae for allowing me into her beautiful store and for letting me babble on and on!

See you all again next week,


2016 edit - Ganim's Store is no longer open for business.


  1. what a gorgeous, colorful shop!

    1. Thanks Sara. The shop was a gorgeous burst of colour on an otherwise dreary day,



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