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A few weeks ago the winter issue of Donna Hay magazine arrived in the mailbox. I looked through it and found loads of things I wanted to try. I've been on a soup kick since the weather started to cool down and when I saw the photo of French Onion Soup, that's what I decided to make. I used an old favourite recipe of mine with a few additional tweaks.

The magazine article featured some beautiful images of Paris so I looked through my own archives and added a few Paris pics of my own.

I didn't have 6 brown onions in the cupboard so I used a few red onions as well.

I cheated a little and used pre-made beef stock to cut down on the preparation time. I added a tablespoon of fresh thyme leaves just before adding the stock and a tablespoon of Chinese rice wine as well, because there was no Madeira or sherry in my cupboard.

Rather than using melty yellow cheese on the crouton, I used some leftover goats curd that was still lurking in the fridge. The goat's curd was wildly expensive so I wanted to make sure I used every last morsel.

You know, I don't think I've ever eaten French Onion soup whilst in France.

In fact apart from raspberry tarts, I think I mainly ate couscous and pizza when I was last there!

The soup was delicious and I really enjoyed the goats cheese crouton topped with fresh thyme and cracked black pepper. I've attached the original recipe for you minus the tweaks mentioned above.

French Onion Soup from Australian Cuisine by Maureen Simpson
printable recipe
6 medium sized onions, peeled and sliced
1 heaped tablespoon butter
2 level tablespoons plain flour
6 cups beef stock
6 slices French bread, cut 1 cm thick
freshly ground pepper

Put onions and butter into a heavy based saucepan and fry gently for about ½ hour, stirring from time to time.The onions should be soft, glossy and a rich golden brown. Keep the heat low so they don't burn.

Sprinkle in the flour, stir well then add the stock. Stir until boiling then lower the heat and simmer gently for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile put the bread slices onto a baking tray and bake in a moderate oven (190ºC) for 20 minutes or until crisp.

Season soup to taste with salt and lots of black pepper. Pour into 6 individual bowls.

Top with the crisp bread, sprinkle over the cheese and bake for a further 10 minutes in a moderate oven. Serves 6.

Another patch of cold weather is forecast so I might just have to pull out that stockpot again this coming weekend.

See you all again soon,



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  1. I have never eaten French Onion Soup in France either, but I could taste soup and France with your travel images.



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