golden fig pudding

Something about winter makes me want to curl up with a nice plate of something warm. It can be porridge or a bowl of soup, but at other times it’s pudding that I want. During winter, I either stew fruit to serve with yoghurt or I make fruit crumbles, rice puddings or lemon delicious pudding for my dessert. I decided it was time to try out something new so here’s one of my rare forays into steamed pudding territory.

In an effort to keep the mess in my place under control, I’ve been going through all my old food magazines tearing out recipes I want to keep and putting the old magazines into the recycling bin. So many recipes are now available online and I'm fast running out of space in my little flat. I’ve had this recipe for golden fig pudding bookmarked for years but only got round to making it last weekend.

I needed to make a special trip to the shops for the figs and cloves, but everything else was already in my cupboards.

I halved the recipe and made 4 mini steamed puddings. As the puddings were quite little, they only needed 30 minutes steaming before they were ready to be eaten with some cinnamon spiced custard.

It's been quite cold in Sydney this past week so the perfect weather to enjoy these little puddings, doused with custard. I have one of the puddings left in the fridge, so I know what I'll be having for my dessert tonight - a figgy pudding.

I can't believe another weekend has been and gone, I hope you enjoyed yours,



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