rhubarb and strawberry buckle

Rhubarb and strawberry is my favourite fruit combination. I oven bake rhubarb and strawberry every week to serve with my weekend porridge or weekday bircher muesli.

I'd already made some cookies last weekend and I wasn't planning to bake anything else but with both rhubarb and strawberry in season, how could I go past this recipe for rhubarb and strawberry buckle? It's yet another recipe I pulled from a back issue of Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine. The recipe is also included in the Australian Gourmet Traveller Slow Food Cookbook. 

I didn't have any rapadura sugar in the cupboard but with an unopened packet of dark muscovado sugar I decided to use that instead. I'd not used dark muscovado sugar in my baking before and it's a very dark brown sugar.

Can you see some of my long division? I'm sure it's because of my day job, where I run around with a tape measure and goniometer, but I weigh and measure everything!

The cake smelled lovely and spicy whilst it was baking and I could tell it was going to be a nice moist cake.

Normally I don't get to taste my baking before the test audience does but this time I chose to be selfish and cut a slice of the buckle soon after it came out of the oven. I'm pleased to report the rhubarb and strawberry buckle was absolutely delicious and more than makes up for the disappointment of the rhubarb ginger cake I made a few weeks ago. I'll definitely be making this one again.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

Bye for now,




  1. Juliana12:30 am

    This looks delicious, although I don't like my strawberries cooked! What do you do that has you using a goniometer?

    1. Hi Juliana,

      the strawberries are barely cooked in this cake - still firm with texture.

      Day job - musculoskeletal physiotherapist, hence the goniometer, tape measure and dynamometer!



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