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I posted this teaser image from Mile End a week or so ago. Why, because Mile End is home to Style Labo.

montreal 2012

Who or what is Style Labo you may ask? Style Labo is a veritable treasure trove of industrial antiques housed in a modern building at 5765, Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Mile End.

style labo

What did I find inside? Furniture, lighting, glassware, flags, clocks, glove forms, old photos and some small gifts.

I'm drawn to these kind of stores even though they don't reflect my decorating style. 
Unfortunately my little flat is way too small for the scale of some of these pieces but if I had a large loft apartment....I do love vintage lighting though and have a few pieces in my place.

style labo

Aren't these great light fittings?

style labo

Isn't it funny how old tin cans are so much more appealling than the modern versions?

style labo

I spoke to Romain, one of the owners, about the provenance of the antiques and they're mostly from the US. This gives the store quite a different appearance from the
industrial antique stores I've photographed in Australia. Put it this way, I've never photographed snow shoes in Australia before!

style labo, jillian leiboff imaging, (c) 2012

Style Labo is nothing if not eclectic. Apart from some amazing lighting,
I found loads of maps and globes of the world and even a selection of plants.

style labo

I loved this enormous table and industrial seating.

style labo

As well as the larger items, Style Labo stocks some smaller decorative pieces for the home.

style labo

I hope you enjoyed my visit to Style Labo. Thanks once again to Romain and Anne for allowing me to shoot their shop.

See you all on Wednesday,



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