nyc in black and white

I started my visit to New York with a visit to the Guggenheim Museum where a great Picasso in Black and White exhibit had just opened. As a tribute, I thought I'd devote this post to black and white images.

I always travel with my film camera and a few rolls of black and white fim. I didn't manage to take any black and white photos of Quebec and Montreal so I used the film in New York. Not all of these images were shot on film though. Can you spot which ones were shot digitally?

I thought this scene was kind of timeless.

Grand Central Station is such an iconic building, isn't? As is the New York Public Library

A street scene from Brooklyn.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. I was hard at work in the kitchen baking christmas cakes. They're all wrapped up stored in their tins just waiting for Christmas to arrive.

See you all again on Wednesday,



  1. Juliana7:00 am

    I am partial to black and white and find that sometimes so much more can be expressed without color.

  2. I agree Juliana. I love shooting in black and white but I choose my subjects carefully. These days film is far too expensive to waste.



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