pumpkin pie

This is my delayed Thanksgiving tribute - pumpkin pie. As we don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day here, pumpkin pie is rarely seen in Australia. I don't think I've ever seen it in a bakery or on the menu in a cafe.

For some reason I decided to make pumpkin pie when I was in my teens. My parents had a few American cookbooks so there was no shortage of recipes from which to choose. Those books are in Brisbane but I found this recipe in Good Taste magazine earlier this year and it looked nice, so I bookmarked it especially for Thanksgiving.

You know me, I love to change recipes but this one I barely altered. The only change I made was to roast the pumpkin in the oven whilst I was baking something else. I cut the pumpkin into 2 large chunks, removed the seeds then wrapped the chunks in foil and baked them until the pumpkin was soft. When it was cool I just scraped the cooked pumpkin away from the skin. It couldn't have been easier!

I bought some autumn pie cutters when I was in New York so I decided to make a decorative edge for the pie from the leftover pastry. The leaves are fixed with beaten egg to the prebaked shell and I sprinkled them with some maple sugar flakes. I also made a few extra to serve with the pie. They took about 7 minutes to bake whilst the pie was in the oven.

I took the pie in to work today and served the pie with some nice thick cream. As pumpkin pie isn't so common here I wasn't sure how the test audience would react. I came back after lunch to find an empty pie plate and a thumbs up from Amy, my American workmate, so I guess it went down okay.

See you all again on Wednesday with a NYC shopshoot.

Bye for now,


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