melbourne - royal botanic gardens

I had a great time in Melbourne - lots of shopping and eating; catching up with friends and visiting the Art Gallery. Unfortunately, I came home from Melbourne, promptly lost my voice and spent the rest of the week feeling pretty crook. I had a very quiet weekend and as promised, I spent some time working on my photos.

The Hatton Hotel, where I stayed, has a roof top terrace so as soon as I checked in, I climbed the stairs to take a peek. It's a really modern space looking out over the rooftops of the city.

Here are some more photos.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in South Yarra are just a short walk from the Hatton Hotel. I entered the gardens by the ornate Nareeb gates.

It was a hot day in Melbourne so I was up really early so I could enjoy my walk through the gardens in the cool of the day. It's a pretty popular thing to do so I exchanged quite a few 'hellos' along the way.

The Melbourne Observatory.

A few vignettes from the gardens.

The beauty and serenity of the oak lawn.

Then it was back home to the Hatton Hotel.

I did a mini shop shoot when I was in town so I'll be back on Wednesday with some of my photos.

2016 edit - the Hatton Hotel has closed for business.

Bye for now,


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