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Hi Every-one,

this post is going to be short and sweet. Between work and home, this past week has been very busy and I've just realised I'll be working a 5 day week for the first time in close to 2 months. I shall be tired by tomorrow night. So before I take myself off to bed, I thought I'd share a few black and white film images with you.

My new sofa was delivered last Friday and while I was waiting for the furniture removalists to arrive, I edited the rolls of film which had just returned from the lab. Black and white film images don't come back from the lab ready to share. Dust and scratches need to be removed; contrast and exposure need to be tweaked; some areas need to be lightened whilst other areas need to be darkened. This used to be done during the printing stage in a wet lab, but these days I don't print at home so I edit the film digitally. It's still time consuming but without all the nasty chemical fumes. 

I only took 2 rolls of film with me and often the day I spied something to photograph in black and white, would be the day I'd left the film camera at home. I made sure to save plenty of film for Paris though, which is a dream to photograph in black and white.

I choose my subjects carefully when shooting in black and white. I tend to look for sculptural forms and interesting lines and angles.

I finished off the last roll in Zurich. Zurich was going through a hot spell so I wandered around the Old Town very early one morning and photographed this fountain. You'll see the fountain again soon in all it's pastel glory.

And the final image for you from Paris, taken from the rooftop of the Printemps department store.

I hope you like this little black and white teaser.

See you all again next week.


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