hakone and the hakone open air museum

Hi Every-one,

it's Jillian here, back home again in Sydney. I flew back from Japan last Friday and I have so many images to share with you. Today's post is about Hakone, an area not far from Tokyo known for it's hot spring resorts and views of Mt. Fuji. While in Hakone I was able to spend one night at the Gora Tensui, a beautiful ryokan with exquisite kaiseki meals and my own hot tub

The Hakone area was on alert due to increased volcanic activity.The Hakone rope-way was shut down which made getting to Lake Ashi a bit more difficult but otherwise it had little effect on Hakone. I found a bus to take me to Togendai where I caught a pirate ship (?) across Lake Ashi.

It was a grey day and Mt. Fuji wasn't on display that day and I was warned she probably wouldn't appear.

The following day dawned bright and clear so I decided to visit the Hakone Open Air Museum.

It's a pretty special place with scenic vistas, beautiful gardens and of course, sculptures.

It reminded me a little of Jupiter Artland but not so out there.

As well as the beautiful gardens and sculptures, there's a special Picasso Pavilion and a foot bath for soaking weary feet.

A few more images.

After my visit to the museum, I caught the bus to Hakone Machi on Lake Ashi and there she was, Mt. Fuji in all her glory.

From there I walked along the ancient Cedar Avenue.

Which took me to the Onshi Hakone Park for more views of Mt. Fuji.

I'll leave you with another view of Mt Fuji.

I hope you enjoyed my Hakone images. 

See you all again soon with some more images from Japan.

Until then,


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