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A few years ago whilst visiting New York, my reference book for things to see and do was Sibella Court's book, 'The Stylist's Guide to NYC'. Sibella is a stylist, designer, author and the owner of The Society Inc and if you've seen Restoration Australia then you'll have met Sibella, as she hosts the show. Last weekend while on the hunt for furniture I found myself in Precinct 75 and literally stumbled upon the new home of Society Inc. I happened to have my camera with me and asked if I could take a few photos.

You may have noticed that my shop shoots are few and far between these days. I used to photograph shops on my days off but for the past 2 years I've been using those days off to travel home to Brisbane where my parents live. There were other reasons as well - everything was starting to look the same and I got bored. Same brands, different countries. It got to the point where I could walk into a store in New York, London or Sydney and I could identify the brand and provenance of every item in the store. Well I can't say that about the Society Inc, a treasure trove of items many of which have been designed by Sibella.

Let's step inside, shall we? The store in housed in a former paint factory and unlike it's old home in Paddington, the Society Inc has plenty of space in it's new home.

Big enough to house surf boards,

A bed and a dovecote and the odd sailing vessel

Sibella's range of hardware. Don't you just love the old fashioned signage?

Some covetable lighting.

Sibella's range of paint colours

In more detail

A study in blue

A few details,

A still life

and a final photo.

I hope you enjoyed my little visit to the Society Inc which you can find in Sydney at Warehouse 3.02, 75 Mary Street St Peters.

See you all again next week with some more baking from my kitchen.

Until then,


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