I've just spent a week in Glasgow attending a physiotherapy conference. The weather wasn't kind so I attended every session bar one of the conference. Some sessions were excellent, others less so. It means I wasn't able to take many photos during my stay but here are a few.

I stayed with my good friend Kay. We started the weekend with a champagne afternoon tea at Troon, then the following day we spent the morning at South Cathkin Farm where this photo was taken.

Whilst Kay mucked out the stable, I took photos of the farm.

and of Red, the horse of coures.

We went for a walk along the nature trail.

Here's Kay walking Rudy the wonder dog, a tiny but feisty little dachshund.

Just as we turned for home I spied this thistle in bloom.

We were given one afternoon off so I hopped on the train to Edinburgh. The weather in Edinburgh wasn't much better than Glasgow but it did clear enough for me to take some photos of the Prince Street Gardens and the sweet Gardener's Cottage.

I wandered through the garden towards the castle.

then back via the Gardener's Cottage before meeting a friend for dinner.

My last day in Glasgow and the sun came out during the lunch break. I took the opportunity to walk over to Glasgow University where I took these photos. The old buildings around the quadrangle are very Harry Potterish in design.

Here's the central courtyard.

Some details I found during my wander.

and this modern artwork.

Naturally I located a doorway or two that caught my eye. I just love the windows. 

And a final image from my walk back to the Exhibition Centre, where I took a moment to smell the roses.

I'll be back later in the week with some photos from a very warm and sunny Zurich.

Bye for now,


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