iceland part v - reykjavik

As my trip to Iceland was dovetailed by a conference and a weekend in Zurich catching up with friends, I had little time to explore Reykjavik. I booked an apartment and arranged to have 2 days in Reykjavik after the trip ended and before the long journey home (32 hours or so and trust me it felt like it).

Unfortunately the weather was a bit dreary for those 2 days, the worst weather I experienced in my 11 days in Iceland. I had half a roll of film to finish off so as well as pops of colour I was looking for opportunities to shoot in black and white.

I stayed in a guesthouse with the tour group which was near the Hallgrimskirkja where I found the grafitti whilst the single glove project can be found in Laugavegur, the main shopping street.

My lovely apartment was on the other side of town close to the old marina but quite a walk from the Hallgrimskirkja. The Catholic Church was a local landmark and I walked past it a few times each day.

The architecture in my new district was strikingly different from the houses near the Hallgrimskirkja, much more substantial and affluent.

It's where I found these roses, heavy with rain.

Once I was settled in my new place I went for a walk down to the old marina.

Naturally being by the waterfront, fish restaurants abounded. I had some fish soup while I was in Reykjavik but compared to the vegetable soups I'd enjoyed I was a bit disappointed.

I kept walking until I reached Harpa, the concert hall and convention centre.

Harpa sits suspended over the water.

It's a glass block like structure with a honeycombed appearance.

A statue of the Danish cellist Erling Blöndal Bengtsson sits outside the concert hall.

From there I walked back up to the hill towards the shopping district where you can find this tie artwork.

I could spy the Sun Voyager sculpture from there so I walked down to where it was located, crossing the double lane highway illegally to do so. There's not much traffic in Reykjavik.

How do I get my images free of people? I wait very patiently!

Shooting film also forces you to slow down and think clearly about the process.

As well as cats, daisies are a feature of Reykjavik.

I was on my way to the Einars Jónsson sculpture garden when I could smell something very delicious coming from this building.

I entered Braud and Co and a short time later I left with a cherry scroll and half a loaf of bread. It was so good I returned the next day for one of their cinnamon scrolls. So if you're ever in Reykjavik, then do yourself a favour.....

It was a short walk up the hill past Reykjavik Roasters to the sculpture garden.

As it was a Monday the museum wasn't open so I walked around the garden. This sculpture was my favourite one.

City Hall was another landmark building. If I found it I knew I'd be able to make my way home.

Another landmark on my journey home to my apartment, the Apotek Hotel. This image was taken earlier in my stay when the sun shone. I'd love to have been able to stay there but Reykjavik prices made an apartment stay a much more affordable option.

We had dinner one night at Le Bistro. The following day I found this elderly gentleman busking outside the restaurant. How sweet that he was given a carafe of water. Hands down this is my favourite image from Reykjavik.

I'll be back later in the week with my mini shopshoot from Reykjavik.

Bye for now,



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