iceland in black and white

There's always the thrill of the unknown when collecting film scans from the lab. Will my exposures be correct; will the subject matter translate well into black and white and will I find anything to photograph in the first place.

When I flew into Iceland I had no idea if it would photograph well in black and white. I've been to London and Paris sufficiently often to know they're a dream to photograph in black and white, but Iceland?

These images were shot during the first week of my trip to Iceland as we travelled around the ring road. 

In retrospect I wish I'd thought to take a few more landscape photos and especially photos featuring Icelandic sheep and horses, my favourite photographic subjects! While on the trip, my film camera always seemed to be out of reach.

It meant by the time I returned to Reykjavik I still had half a roll of film left in the camera.

I roamed around the streets looking for things to photograph as it's easier to place a completed roll of film into my lead-lined bag than trying to squeeze my camera into the same bag. You've seen most of my Reykjavik black and white photos but I found a few that I failed to share in my last Reykjavik postThis photo was taken in a small park overlooking the lake by City Hall.

I found this beautiful perfumed rose heavy with rain near my apartment.

And the last travel photo from my trip to Iceland, the Hallgrimskirkja, which was an obvious choice. Now I have to start planning my travel adventures for 2017!

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