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Now I live in an apartment in Sydney with a view over a large backyard which consists mainly of lawn, 2 Hills Hoists, some established trees and at the moment, lots of Clivia in flower. I also have a glimpse of Bondi Beach from my balcony so I'm not complaining but...

During the Labor Day Long Weekend I took the opportunity to drive up to visit Farmer Andrew in Dungog. Farmer Andrew's house in Dungog has a very large garden with lots of fruit trees and as it's spring, the garden is in bloom. 

I love wandering around his garden camera in hand seeing what's come into flower since my last visit.

I found the nectarine tree covered in blossoms and if you look closely you can see a few little nectarines have formed.

This mysterious and still to be identified tree was in flower again and covered with bees going mad for its nectar.

I thought I might have been too late to catch the wisteria but it was still in flower.

Some of the prettiness I found in the garden.

The garden was heavy with the scent of these beautiful roses.

A final shot of Farmer Andrew's garden before I close here.

See you all again soon,


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