Last week I attended a conference in Glasgow. As I flew into Glasgow I was struck by how green the countryside was, a sure sign of recent rain, and the abundance of trees in bloom. Spring had sprung in Glasgow. Coming from Brisbane where spring doesn't really exist, I really noticed the change in season.

The conference was held at the Exhibition Centre in Glasgow, about a 15 minute walk from Glasgow University. 

During one of the breaks I walked through the suburb of Finnieston in search of blossoms.

I found pretty doorways.

And I found tulips. I think a little garden gnome might be lurking in there as well.

I crossed the bridge to Kelvingrove Park.

It was a bit chilly that day.

I walked through Kelvingrove Park in search of blossoms.

I didn't see any in the park, instead I found banks of azaleas and rhododendrons.

I made it up the hill to Glasgow University and this is what I found.

I walked through the stately campus and then back to the conference.

I found these blossoms in my friend Kay's garden. I think they're apple blossoms, plum blossoms and of course, rhododendrons.

That's all from my few days in Glasgow. My next post will be from London.

See you all again soon.

Bye for now,


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