I flew into Ljubljana last week and spent a few days there before driving to Croatia. I'm heading back there today for my final day in Slovenia.

I really didn't know what to expect from Ljubljana, other than it was going to be pretty and pretty it was. Ljubljana is known for it's many bridges such as the Triple Bridge, the Butcher's Bridge and the Dragon Bridge which features 4 dragons. Why dragons? The patron saint of Ljubljana is St George and we all know about his dragon slaying reputation. Even in Slovenia I can't get away from the place!

Jože Plečnik is known as the architect of modern Ljubljana and he's responsible for the Covered Market building and the Triple Bridge.

You know how much I love a good market, so I snapped quite a few images before going on my walking tour.

Everything was so lovely, fresh and local.

Ljubljana has a number of distinct architectural styles in the main due to the earthquake of 1895. The old town was largely unscathed and has Baroque architecture, whilst the new town was rebuilt in the art nouveau style of Austria as Sloveno=ia was then pasrt of the Austro-Hungarian empire. You can tell someone was paying very close attention to the tour guide! Anyway I managed to catch both architectural styles in this image.

The architecture on the other side of the river.

Some of the shops

The eateries were busy on a sunny Saturday.

The ceiling of St. Nicholas Cathedral.

On a hot Sunday with most of the shops closed, I visited the famous Tivoli Park. You can see autumn is on its way.

Looking through my photos, there seem to be a few gaps, so I might run around with my camera this afternoon. 

See you all again next week with some more travel photos. 

Bye for now, 


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