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You've all seen photos of the picturesque Lake Bled, but have you ever heard of Lake Bohinj? Well before doing my research for this trip neither had I.

Lake Bled is very beautiful but also very popular. I'm not a fan of crowds so I decided to stay at Lake Bohinj and as it's only a 30 minute drive from Lake Bled, I knew I'd be able to visit both places.

I drove to Lake Bohinj from Kobarid, along very narrow winding roads that one couldn't really describe as a highway. Slovenians tackle these roads by driving very fast down the centre of the road and they expect you to get out of their way (which I did). When I arrived at my destination I was told the locals never tackle the highway, instead they put their cars on a special train which takes them through the mountain to a nearby railways station. Good news for me if I ever  return to Lake Bohinj.

Once I'd parked the car and checked into my accommodation at the Hotel Majerca, I made a booking for dinner. 

Once again the restaurant was full but they managed to squeeze me in for a 7.00 pm booking. I then walked down to the lake which is about a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel.

The lake was very full, filled with ducks and altogether very peaceful and calm. It's a popular swimming venue, though it was all a bit too chilly for me. 

I walked home past the Church of St John the Baptist. The bridge is normally crammed with tourists but I was there very early in the morning I managed to take a fairly tourist free shot.

The church is famous for its frescoes and why I didn't go inside to view them is a mystery to me.

Lake Bohinj is within the Triglav National Park, the only National Park in Slovenia, so of course I had to go on a hike. I decided to do the
Rudnica walk but trying to find the trailhead was tricky. 

walked for an hour and visited 2 information centres before I was given the correct starting point for the walk, a mere 5 minute walk from the hotel.

I set off towards the Pec Lookout then retraced my steps for the walk to Rudnica. 

The view from the Pec lookout (I think).

There are quite steep parts to the walk which then opens out onto meadows and views over the lake.

Rain was threatening so I hurtled down the hill in record time to avoid the weather. 

The next day I reluctantly left Lake Bohinj and the Hotel Majerca (comfortable room with beautiful views, excellent service and delicious food) and drove to Lake Bled. 
I parked my car near the Cafe Belvedere, and clambered up a steep hill for the classic view of Lake Bled, Bled Island and the Church of the Mother of God all overlooked by Bled Castle. 

The cafe looked closed but when I peeked through the window I could see a few patrons, so I stepped inside. 

The interiors were gorgeous. 

From there I walked through the gardens of Villa Bled, Marshal Tito's former summer home which is now a hotel, down to the Lake and back up again. It was my favourite part of my visit to Lake Bled.

Next stop, Venice. See you all again soonish with photos from my time there.

Bye for now,


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